Sunday, March 22, 2009

Herb Jar, New Pocket Goddesses...

I have been spending at least one day each weekend crafting. I am trying to build up my stock for summer fairs and festivals.

Many of the materials I use are recycled/reclaimed. I have a bunch of these glass jars sitting around and have decided to create them into something wonderfully witchy!

The first in the new line of Herb Jars (have to think of catcher name because you can store anything in these and they all won't say 'herbs').

Inside the lid of the Herb Jar.

Pocket Goddesses I also crafted today!

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Hibiscus Moon said...

Oooo, those are both very interestingly pretty.

Cheri said...

These are awesome! YOU are very talented my dear!

Oseaana said...

thank you to you both! i am glad you like the new jars. i will be working on other designs soon.


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