Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spiritual Bath Blend

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure's own spiritual bath blends are created by Oseaana when you make your order, so you can be sure they are done with the freshest ingredients and with the proper divination, prayers and juju.

High-quality herbs, flowers, minerals, roots, and other curios are used to create each bath blend. You will receive one dose of the bath blend along with instructions on how to take the bath.

Some of the spiritual bath blends that we offer are:

Healing & Blessings
Uncrossing/Jinx Breaking
Love & Romance
Abundance & Wealth
Spiritual Protection (great for Tarot readers, psychics, spiritual workers, etc.)
Be Strong Lady (protection, courage, strength and cleansing for women)
Conkurer (protection, strength and cleansing for men)

to get your Spiritual Bath today!

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