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Why "cutting cords" can be dangerous.

I've been meaning to talk about this for a while. I had considered doing a video but decided it was easier to explain with written words.

I get a countless number of people contacting me desperate because they think they have been cursed, crossed or have plain ol' bad luck and they want me to fix it with a spell. After going through the process of divination and talking with the person it finally comes out that they had someone do a cord cutting to release/get rid of/separate from something or someone which they no longer needed in their lives.

Now, I will be honest, I've never had a cord cutting performed. I've heard of it and it never really made sense to me...and really it seemed way too new age-y and neo-pagan-y. So I did some research, and inquired about the process with my Spirit Guides and after dealing with a handful of clients who had a problem get worse after having cords cut I came to the conclusion that doing this, without proper knowledge of universal energy, can be dangerous.

I know I am going to get all kinds of comments from cord cutting folks who say they know what they are doing based on blah-blah-blah. My reply is this: Good for you. However, there is a problem somewhere or I wouldn't be getting people frantic about curses and jinxes after having cords cut. So hear me out.


Everything is energy. We are energy just smashed together in the form of a body. Think of it as Any good electrician knows you don't go around cutting wires/cords without reconnecting them or safely sealing them. The same goes with cutting energetic cords in humans. Look at it this way, a doctor has to use cauterization when removing organs or repairing tissue in the body or else you bleed-out and die.

Cutting cords without care for what these open wounds (and yes they are wounds, why else the need to rid yourself of that energy?) may latch onto or worse what may latch onto the wounds is just plain messy work.

Each client that comes to me with this problem is asked to describe how the cord cutting was performed and it usually ends after the cords are cut with prayer, love and light and that's that. So I ask, "What did you re-attach that cord to?", and I get silence.

Cutting cords and letting them free-float in space is dangerous, any thing can attach itself to it and fester there. Bad/negative energy is drawn to those things that are weak and open without protection. So you may cut away the abusive relationship and boyfriend but what happens to that open wound at the end of the cord?

First, I want to say that cutting cords leads me to think it is a haphazard way of taking care of a problem. There is a connection to a person or situation and if you cut that cord part of you is still connected. Even if you draw in that energy back to yourself (I haven't had a client say this was done but maybe the worker did it without their knowledge...which is another blog post in itself) that piece of connection is there...forever.


I like to take control of all things that I can in my life, so plugging-in instead of attaching cords makes more sense to me. The connector gives you the option to unplug when and if you need to. This gives you more control.

However, you can't leave a bunch of plugs hanging around loose either. Also, leaving a cord hanging around unconnected is a waste of energy. Have you noticed all the eco-friendly information out there reminding people to unplug their smart phone charger when not in use to save on your electric bill? The same goes for spiritual energy. Your energy is still flowing through that connection to nothing. It's being wasted. No wonder I get clients who feel exhausted after a cord cutting that was supposed to make them feel better! So taking control of your energetic connections needs to go a step further.


Whether you have connected a cord or plugged it in, when you are ready to cut it or unplug it you need to re-attach it to something else...even if it is temporary. Attaching it to something vague like "love and light" or "blessings" just doesn't cut it (pun intended). You can't fill a specific space with something vague. You can't put a round peg in a square hole...that's just basic physics.

People ask me what this means, so let me explain simply. Let's use the abusive boyfriend problem: You're cutting cords to this person and this relationship. Just filling that space with love/self-love/light/violet energy or whatever isn't enough, you need specifics. An option would be to cut the cord then re-attach it to self-love through (here are some examples):
  • prayer and meditation to heal and restore yourself
  • treating yourself better and doing things that are totally for you like working out, spa days, going back to school, etc.
  • doing those things that you always wanted but couldn't while in that relationship (travel, reading more, going out with friends, etc.)
Yes, some of this sounds trivial but these are all valid and needed options when moving forward from a bad relationship toward taking care of yourself.

Take control of your energy. Unplug or cut then replug or re-connect to something specific. Fill that void with what you need in your life at that moment or what the empty hole is best filled with.


Like I said, this can be something temporary because you are in control of your energy and you can plug-in, unplug, splice, re-connect and switch as you need. And this is where having someone else cut the cords for you makes me cringe. You have to be active in this process. No one can do it for you. Someone can support your process but it is all on you, baby. It's a personal process and if you aren't strong enough or ready to do it then you are setting yourself up for a slew of problems that can and will feel like a curse.

Cord maintenance is also important. You need to be aware of where your energy is going and how it is being spent. Check in every once in a while and make sure things aren't unraveling or that holes haven't been burned in the wiring letting precious energy leak out. This can be done a number of ways...some folks check-in through the Chakra system, others through divination, still others through medical check-ups (if you are having thyroid problems you may want to check out your communication cords, for example). Carolina Dean wrote a great blog post about using candles for preforming a spiritual check-up. Figure out what works for you, experiment and then embody it.

I can't say enough, especially to women, to take control of your lives! Be cautious of what you connect to and detach from and how you do it. If you need to seek the help of someone who cuts cords then ask questions about the process and what that open connection will be attached to. Also, be sure you take an active part in the process.

If you have had cords cut (by someone else or yourself) and are feeling empty, exhausted, restless, cursed, crossed, confused, etc. here are some suggestions:
  • Clean and cleanse (meaning physically clean your surroundings and yourself, purge, clean-out then cleanse spiritually and energetically)
  • Journal/write-out the process from beginning to end and find the leak or what went wrong then use that to make the situation right.
  • Check-in on your energy levels, cords, plugs and connections. Find the drain in your energy and physically, magickally and spiritually take control of it by re-attaching to something specific.
  • Seek the help of a professional who can help you to find the problem and the solution.
  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse and then empower/fortify and protect!
  • Meditate and work with your Spirit Guides to bring balance back in your life.
Remember when we purposefully let go those things which no longer serve us we are open to receive things that enrich our lives. Do it wisely.



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