Monday, November 14, 2011

Wealth Drawing Client Work

Last week I offered my special clients the opportunity for a candle to be lit for them and prayers to be send on the Taurus Full Moon. From time to time I offering clients free spellwork for various things as a thank you for there trust and support.

I have many repeat clients. Some clients I have been working with on and off for years. So my Spirit Guides often want to include these clients in special ceremonies to help boost their energy in a certain area.

I crafted special votive candles for this ceremony. Hand-pouring wax while saying prayers and affirmations for wealth, money and success. Each candle is made with oils and herbs poured into the wax itself and, of course, adorned on top with more herbs, glitter and symbols of wealth.

The altar was set with fragrant season herbs and plant parts as well as coins and money from around the world and money drawing powders. It was quite beautiful!

This spell involved prayers and petitions to Goddesses of Prosperity. As can be seen a pomegranate was offered as a symbol of beauty and bounty.

I enjoy working for my clients and may this energy carry them along the paths to financial stability and freedom. Ashe!

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