Monday, March 23, 2009

Twittering about...

So lately I have been using Twitter and Facebook more than anything else. It is easier just to type a few choice words to get the point across.

I decided to setup a Twitter account specifically for and The other account I have is for personal use and I didn't want to bog it down with tweets about what I am conjuring, sales, new products, witchy ideas, available reading times, magickal tid-bits, etc.

So if you are on Twitter feel free to follow the conjurations at The Moonlit Sea!

Also don't forget about the Facebook group!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Herb Jar, New Pocket Goddesses...

I have been spending at least one day each weekend crafting. I am trying to build up my stock for summer fairs and festivals.

Many of the materials I use are recycled/reclaimed. I have a bunch of these glass jars sitting around and have decided to create them into something wonderfully witchy!

The first in the new line of Herb Jars (have to think of catcher name because you can store anything in these and they all won't say 'herbs').

Inside the lid of the Herb Jar.

Pocket Goddesses I also crafted today!

Don't forget to join me over at Facebook and/or Twitter.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ShellSpell & SeedSpell Candles - New @

The Moonlit ShellSpell & SeedSpell Candles

Another unique design by! You won't find these spell candles anywhere else.

7 Day Novena style glass-encased candles in the appropriate color for the work. Oseaana will personally dress, bless and fix your candle before it is shipped to you.

ShellSpell candles are created with unique "alien" shell images.

SeedSpell candles are created using artwork from the Pre-Raphaelite period. Why SeedSpell? It is a take on The Germ publication created by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

The title "The Germ" refers to the Pre-Raphaelite belief in the importance of nature (a germ is a seed) and of the human imagination, as implied by the phrase "the germ of an idea". - Wikipedia

$15 each - dressed and blessed!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Newsletter

In addition to this blog, I am now offering a newsletter to be published monthly on or around the Full Moon.

Use this link to signup!

The newsletter with contain magickal hints and tips, updates on products, special sales and discounts only for newsletter subscribers, and more!

I hope everyone sign-ups.

Also, is now on Facebook. Please free to join over there as well.

Many Blessings


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