Friday, April 27, 2012

This Week's Projects!

Another One-of-a-Kind Shrine for La Santisima Muerte. I'm still crafting the goodies that will go inside (incense, oil, mojo, candles). Below you can see the mojo filled and blessed with herbs sacred to her.  
Close up of the image. It started out black and white then was doctored in Photoshop and then embellished by hand with paint, pigments, shells, paper flowers and an awesome resin cameo! Shrines are custom and can be ordered by contacting me at info (at) pumpkincottageconjure (dot) com

This is the mojo that will go in the shrine. The fabric has skulls and crossbones.
Cute, right?

Speaking of mojos, here is a Road Opener mojo conjured for a customer. Made with a black, white and silver skull fabric and red lace.
I make a lot of money drawing/prosperity mojos. This one was ordered by a customer. I love the little silver money bag charm!
I'm running a mojo special. 20%!
Each one is hand-crafted, blessed and unique. They come with a dram bottle of blessed hoodoo oil and a 4" candle with instructions on how to "wake-up" and work your mojo. Interested? Venture on over to Pumpkin Cottage Conjure.


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