Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spiritual Bath Blend

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure's own spiritual bath blends are created by Oseaana when you make your order, so you can be sure they are done with the freshest ingredients and with the proper divination, prayers and juju.

High-quality herbs, flowers, minerals, roots, and other curios are used to create each bath blend. You will receive one dose of the bath blend along with instructions on how to take the bath.

Some of the spiritual bath blends that we offer are:

Healing & Blessings
Uncrossing/Jinx Breaking
Love & Romance
Abundance & Wealth
Spiritual Protection (great for Tarot readers, psychics, spiritual workers, etc.)
Be Strong Lady (protection, courage, strength and cleansing for women)
Conkurer (protection, strength and cleansing for men)

to get your Spiritual Bath today!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Limited Services Update

Just a quick note to let everyone know I will be lightening my client readings, spell/conjure work between July 22nd and July 31st for a personal spiritual cleanse.

I will be available for an emergency or urgent cause, just call or email or contact me on Twitter or Facebook. Current clients, of course, will have access to me for updates, feedback, etc.

However, you can still place orders for products and book services for after the 31st. From July 31st to August 5th I will be slowly getting back into client services, so I will be available during that time but on a limited basis.

Again, if you have an urgent need for a reading or conjure work don't hesitate to contact me.

Look for some new products coming soon (hint: sacred jewelry!)

Many Blessings

Monday, July 06, 2009

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure

Announcing the brand-spanking new

This will be where all my conjure and spellwork supplies are housed. Literally the supplies are housed in Pumpkin Cottage, the name we gave our home when we first bought it!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure is the home-based conjure services and supplies business owned by Oseaana December.

It specializes in all types of services in hoodoo, rootwork, candle services (such as setting lights) as well as offering top-quality hoodoo oils, powders, incense, candles, spell kits, curios, herbs and washes.

Spellwork specialties include healing, protection, poppet magick, honey jars, vinegar jars, dressed and blessed candles, altar services, spiritual baths and washes, mojo bags, and spiritually charged jewelry. Looking for other services? Just ask!

Many of the supplies are made personally by Oseaana, while other supplies are made by reputable companies such as Lucky Mojo Curio Company. Oseaana is a graduate of the Lucky Mojo Rootwork Course taught by Catherine Yronwode.

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure takes pride in suppling high-quality spiritual and spellwork supplies such as oils, powders, incense, sachet powders, candles, herbs, washes, waters, poppets, mojo bags, and spell kits. Custom created items are Oseaana's specialty. Don't see what you are looking for? Just ask

Oseaana has been studying various magickal and occult systems for over 20 years. She is an intuitive tarot reader as well as reads the four cowrie shell system known as Obi. Oseaana has knowledge in many different spiritual traditions and can conjure up any type of spell you need. She is also available for spellwork advice and help.

In the local area? Need a reading/consultation? Want to save on shipping?
Visit Pumpkin Cottage! By Appointment Only!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure Custom Blend Oils are created specifically for your intention or purpose and come in a variety of sizes!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure Incense Cones are each hand-formed from high-quality herbs, resins, woods, flowers and oils. They are self-lighting so all you need is a heat-safe container!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure Doll Babies (aka Poppets) are custom-made for you and stuffed with the appropriate herbs, minerals, plants, etc. intended for your purpose.

Doll babies come plain or embellished, choose which is best for you!

We are an authorized reseller of Lucky Mojo Curio Co. products. Currently we have Lucky Mojo oils, incense and sachet powders available!


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