Monday, November 23, 2009

New Online Class ~ Spiritual Cleansings!

Just in time for the New Year!

Date: Tuesday, December 22nd

Time: 8pm-9pm (est)

Place: Online Classroom (once you register you will be emailed the details)

Fee: $20 early registration by 12/5, $25 after 12/5, $15 if you have taken an online class previously

Learn how to do spiritual baths, remove jinxes, cleanse your home or office and more! Spiritual Cleansings are a great start to the New Year! Release bad luck and negative energy from your life and surroundings through the use of herbs, oil, prayer and with help from the Spirits.

Visit Pumpkin Cottage Conjure for more information and to register!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Oil

Got Evil?

13 herbs and curios make up this oil
to keep you from evil and toil
by the waning moon
a conjurer's delight
to brew up a potion on this 13th night

With the aid of the waning moon, I am conjuring a special
Friday the 13th Banish Evil Oil starting tonight. Limited quantity.

1 dram bottle $13 plus $7 shipping

Email me to order!
info (at) pumpkincottageconjure (dot) com

While supplies last. I will be conjuring the oil tonight and using the energies
of the waning moon for the next 3 days to pray over and charge the oil.

Reserve your bottle now before they are all gone!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today at Pumpkin Cottage: Soon to be available on the website Amulets of Power. I often make custom amulets for clients after divination and/or spellwork for various things. I will be offering amulets on the website
to everyone very soon.

Each is about 3" in diameter, made of felt, hand-embroidered and filled with the appropriate herbs, flowers, resins, curios, etc. for the work. Seen here are Money, Love and Protection...Spiritual Protection and Healing
coming soon.

Since they are hand-crafted expect unique differences in the beads, trinkets and thread colors.

$13 each

Thursday, September 24, 2009


The first MagickMeet is Oct 12th at 8pm (est). Topic: Ancestor Veneration

There will be a topic for each MagickMeet. I will start out by sharing some information with you. Bring your ideas! Share, learn and explore.

All spiritual and magickal paths/traditions are welcome. Everyone must play nicey-nicey. No bashing, flaming, cursing, wand-pointing, witch wars or stone-throwing.

If you know anything about me you know that I strongly believe every experience is a learning experience and can be considered valuable. So let's learn from each other and have fun.

MagickMeets are no longer than an hour but can be as short as the amount of energy and ideas of the folks attending.

This is a chatroom, if you have a mic you can join in on the conversation via your computer. A call-in number will be available for those who want to use the telephone. There is nothing you need to download or install to your computer. You just follow the link in the email that is sent to you and enjoy the witchy company!

Please RSVP in advance so I know how many people to expect and can make sure only those who RSVP are allowed in the room. You will receive an email with all the information you need to log into the chatroom prior to the date.

For more information and to RSVP, please visit

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Class - Intro to Goddess Spirituality for Women

DATE: Wednesday evenings, October 21st - November 4th, 2009

TIME: 8:00pm - 9:30pm (est)

LOCATION: Online meeting room

FEE: $110 (early registration by 10/3 ~ $90)


Take a journey to discovering Goddess...and yourself.

This is a 3 week online class series that will help you connect with your inner spiritual path and deepen your relationship with Goddess. We will discover that a connection with Spirit can not truly be found in a book or from the experiences of others. As women we have a unique natural connection to the Feminine Divine, all we need to do is plug into it.

In this class series we will learn about Goddesses from around the world and explore daily practices, altar and ceremony creation. Most importantly we will learn how to create a personal spiritual path to Goddess.

I, Oseaana Inara December, will be facilitating this class series. I am a priestess and witch of 20 years. I am also is the Temple Mother and Founder of the Scarlet & Amethyst Temple and Tradition. I will share with you the tools and wisdom that was shared with me and allowed me to create my own spiritual path and personal relationship with Goddess.

If you are a beginner or a seasoned priestess, you will learn something new and personal from this Introduction to Goddess Spirituality class.

This class is not an introductory to Wicca or any other established religion
or spiritual path out there. This is a personal journey for each woman.

The series of 3 classes will involve voice chat, text chat, presentations and video. If you have a microphone or headset you can join in the conversation and/or ask questions via the chat feature. A dial-in number will also be provided for women who need to participate using a telephone.

We will be using an easy and user-friendly online meeting room, there is nothing you need to download or install to attend the classes. All you need are speakers and the ability to watch video (video card).

Please visit for more information and to register!

More intensive Goddess Spirituality class series will
follow this 3 class course for women who are interested.
Also, stay tuned for a Witchcraft and Conjure series of classes coming soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Conjurin' Love & Attraction Class and Ancestor Video

New Class!
Conjurin' Love & Attraction

When: Saturday, September 5th ~ 1pm - 2:30pm

Where: Brid's Closet 296 Main Street, Cornwall, NY

Cost: $35

Putting on your sexiest outfit.
Breaking out the expensive perfume.
Fixing your hair just right.

All to attract a partner or attention.

Nothing wrong with that...but maybe add some hoodoo in the mix and really get the ball rolling!

In this class we will talk about the ethics of love spells. What can go wrong and what can go right. I will share with you some of my experiences in helping clients with their love dilemmas.

Then we will do some conjurin' ourselves. Learn how to attract more love in your life. Find out how to concoct that special love potion that only works for you. In a cycle of failed relationships? Hoodoo your way out of that not-so-merry-go-round!

And more importantly learn how to love you even more!

We will be making magick with figural candles, mojos, oils, herbs, roots and curios. The class fee is $35 and includes materials and handouts. You will go home with some important love and attraction spell ingredients.

This class will be facilitated by Oseaana Inara December, a witch of 20 years, Temple Mother of the Scarlet & Amethyst Temple and certified Rootworker.

RSVP and pay online or call Bernadette at the shop at 845-321-3085!

Honor your Ancestors! ~ Our Ancestor altar

Monday, August 03, 2009

Hoodooin' You?
An Online Intro to Hoodoo Class with Oseaana

When: Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at 8pm - 9pm (EST)

Where: Skype Voice and Chat

Cost: $20 ($33 with workshop kit, includes shipping by USPS Priority Mail)

What you need: Skype, speakers, the ability to view a webcam and the ability to open PDF files (download Acrobat Reader for free to be able to open PDF files)

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, August 26, 2009. Payment by PayPal only, in advance.

About the class:
Have you wondered what someone means when they say, "She put a root on me!"?

Have you heard the term Hoodoo and thought, "They are just saying Voodoo wrong."?

Ever wonder what all those mysterious oils such as, "Follow Me Boy", "Firey Wall of Protection", and "D.U.M.E" are used for?

It's all Hoodoo!

This class will cover the basics of Hoodoo and Rootwork. Topics include history and background, Hoodoo vs Voodoo, ingredients used in spellwork and the basics of Hoodoo.

There will be a demonstration on how to make a mojo for protection in the traditional Hoodoo fashion. Workshop kits are available for an extra $13 (includes all the herbs, roots, curios, etc needed to make this mojo (with some left over), a small candle in the appropriate color, incense to charge the mojo and 1 dram bottle of oil for annointing the mojo).

This class will be facilitated by Oseaana Inara December. A witch of 20 years, Temple Mother of the Scarlet & Amethyst Temple and certified Rootworker.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

sneak peek ~ sacred jewelry

~ a sneak peak at some of the sacred jewelry i am conjuring up ~

sacred jewelry (left to right): czech glass bead necklace w/ cowrie, evil eye beads and pendant, moonstones,
carnelian, amethyst beads w/ cowrie.
many colors available. blessed with herbs, oils and prayers.

evil eye beads. polymer clay.
infused with protection and reversing oils and herbs.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Spiritual Bath Blend

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure's own spiritual bath blends are created by Oseaana when you make your order, so you can be sure they are done with the freshest ingredients and with the proper divination, prayers and juju.

High-quality herbs, flowers, minerals, roots, and other curios are used to create each bath blend. You will receive one dose of the bath blend along with instructions on how to take the bath.

Some of the spiritual bath blends that we offer are:

Healing & Blessings
Uncrossing/Jinx Breaking
Love & Romance
Abundance & Wealth
Spiritual Protection (great for Tarot readers, psychics, spiritual workers, etc.)
Be Strong Lady (protection, courage, strength and cleansing for women)
Conkurer (protection, strength and cleansing for men)

to get your Spiritual Bath today!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Limited Services Update

Just a quick note to let everyone know I will be lightening my client readings, spell/conjure work between July 22nd and July 31st for a personal spiritual cleanse.

I will be available for an emergency or urgent cause, just call or email or contact me on Twitter or Facebook. Current clients, of course, will have access to me for updates, feedback, etc.

However, you can still place orders for products and book services for after the 31st. From July 31st to August 5th I will be slowly getting back into client services, so I will be available during that time but on a limited basis.

Again, if you have an urgent need for a reading or conjure work don't hesitate to contact me.

Look for some new products coming soon (hint: sacred jewelry!)

Many Blessings

Monday, July 06, 2009

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure

Announcing the brand-spanking new

This will be where all my conjure and spellwork supplies are housed. Literally the supplies are housed in Pumpkin Cottage, the name we gave our home when we first bought it!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure is the home-based conjure services and supplies business owned by Oseaana December.

It specializes in all types of services in hoodoo, rootwork, candle services (such as setting lights) as well as offering top-quality hoodoo oils, powders, incense, candles, spell kits, curios, herbs and washes.

Spellwork specialties include healing, protection, poppet magick, honey jars, vinegar jars, dressed and blessed candles, altar services, spiritual baths and washes, mojo bags, and spiritually charged jewelry. Looking for other services? Just ask!

Many of the supplies are made personally by Oseaana, while other supplies are made by reputable companies such as Lucky Mojo Curio Company. Oseaana is a graduate of the Lucky Mojo Rootwork Course taught by Catherine Yronwode.

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure takes pride in suppling high-quality spiritual and spellwork supplies such as oils, powders, incense, sachet powders, candles, herbs, washes, waters, poppets, mojo bags, and spell kits. Custom created items are Oseaana's specialty. Don't see what you are looking for? Just ask

Oseaana has been studying various magickal and occult systems for over 20 years. She is an intuitive tarot reader as well as reads the four cowrie shell system known as Obi. Oseaana has knowledge in many different spiritual traditions and can conjure up any type of spell you need. She is also available for spellwork advice and help.

In the local area? Need a reading/consultation? Want to save on shipping?
Visit Pumpkin Cottage! By Appointment Only!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure Custom Blend Oils are created specifically for your intention or purpose and come in a variety of sizes!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure Incense Cones are each hand-formed from high-quality herbs, resins, woods, flowers and oils. They are self-lighting so all you need is a heat-safe container!

Pumpkin Cottage Conjure Doll Babies (aka Poppets) are custom-made for you and stuffed with the appropriate herbs, minerals, plants, etc. intended for your purpose.

Doll babies come plain or embellished, choose which is best for you!

We are an authorized reseller of Lucky Mojo Curio Co. products. Currently we have Lucky Mojo oils, incense and sachet powders available!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Introduction to Hoodoo - I am teaching a class!

When: July 9th 2009 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: Brid's Closet, Cornwall, NY

Hoodooin' You?

Have you wondered what someone means when they say "She put a root on me!"?
Have you heard the term Hoodoo and thought "They are just saying Voodoo wrong."?
Ever wonder what all those mysterious oils like "Follow Me Boy", "Firey Wall of Protection", and "D.U.M.E" are used for?

It's all Hoodoo!

This class will cover the basics of Hoodoo and Rootwork. Topics include history and background, Hoodoo vs Voodoo, ingredients used in spellwork and the basics of Hoodoo.

There will be a hands-on demonstration on how to dress and fix a candle for abundance/money in the traditional Hoodoo fashion. Each participant will go home with a spell candle to help them draw more abundance into their lives.

Supplies you need to bring:

Green 7-Day Novena Candle
Money Drawing Oil
Herbs and Curios (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, bayberry, pyrite chips, Irish moss - just a pinch of each)

60 minute class ~ $20

This class will be facilitated by Oseaana Inara December. A witch of 20 years, Temple Mother of the Scarlet & Amethyst Temple and certified Rootworker.

For more information and to sign-up, please visit
or call 845-321-3085

Thursday, May 14, 2009

3-Day Spiritual Assessments

If you have been a client of mine, you probably have noticed that I do my best work while alone, communing with my Spirit Guides, dreaming and mediating.

There are many readers out there that do reading after reading...many in one day. I am not that type of reader. I limit myself to how many clients I can connect with in one day and often times in one week.

I prefer to devote my time to my clients on an individual basis. Sometimes, if I am working with a client's situation that requires a lot of my time and energy I may not take on any other work until I feel I can fairly handle both.

This isn't because I am not able to multi-task or work on many projects at once. Actually it is quite the contrary. I am an awesome multi-tasker and can focus on many things at one time even if they are things that have nothing in common. In my mundane life at work, that is part of my job.

It is a choice to work my spiritual life choose how I expend my energy.

Therefore, I am now offering clients a 3-Day Spiritual Assessment. A 3-Day Spiritual Assessment is basically a ceremony devoted to you and your situation for 3 hours each day for 3 days. During this time you will receive my undivided attention to your situation. This allows me to sit in sacred space with my Spirit Guides creating change just for you. I do spellwork, I meditate, I divine and get guidance, insight and answers to your questions or concerns. I am doing a ceremony for 3 days for your specific and individual concern.

3-Day Spiritual Assessments aren't for every person nor for every case. This ceremony is helpful for those that are feeling lost or stuck in an ongoing situation. 3-Day Spiritual Assessments are a powerful and indepth way for me to work on your situation.

3-Day Spiritual Assessments are started with a 15 minute phone consultation and email communication. We then decide on a date to start your assessment. While I am working on your ceremony, I will communicate with you via email if anything comes up that needs our immediate attention. When the 3-Day Spiritual Assessment is finished I compile all my notes and information and send you a detailed email report within a couple of days. We then connect on the phone again for a 15 minute appointment to follow-up.

A 3-Day Spiritual Assessment ceremony is done only by appointment.

Please visit for more information. Email or call me and I would be glad to answer your questions.

Friday, May 08, 2009

I have the best wife in the world!

I heard the UPS man at the door and almost didn't answer it because I wasn't expecting anything. But I am glad I did answer it because my wonderful wife sent me these as a congrats on my first festival!

I do believe I have the best wife in the world!

Cheryl & Co. make really tasty frosted sugar cookies and I can use the pot to plant something wonderful.

Thank you Dawn, I love you!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Fantastic Beltaine Festival

On Saturday I setup The Moonlit Sea booth at the Brid's Closet Beltaine Festival.

The festival was wonderful and a lot of fun! I got to meet some wonderful new friends and re-connect with some wonderful old friends.

Thank Goddess the weather held up nicely for us!

I have video of the maypole that I need to edit and upload later.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the booth and a special thank you to my dear partner for unconditional love and support of this crazy Witch!


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Visit The Moonlit Sea Booth this weekend!

The Moonlit Sea will be vending this weekend at the Brid's Closet Beltain Festival in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY.

Saturday, May 2nd - 10am - 8pm
Visit Brid's Closet for more information and to get your tickets.

Stop by the booth and say Hi!

Blessed Beltaine to you all!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lotsa Sacks

Another busy day crafting.

Today was spent mostly sewing. I had intentions of playing with clay today after adding the draw string to a few bags but got caught up in the fabric and sewing!

I think I am done for the day. Now for the clean-up.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Caution: Witch at Work

From Projects from

I have been working on stocking up for the summer festival/faire/market season. Lately this has meant putting labels on candles...the dressing is done personally by me after someone makes a purpose.

Find out more about these candles...
I just love how they these labels stand out on the individual color candles.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Twittering about...

So lately I have been using Twitter and Facebook more than anything else. It is easier just to type a few choice words to get the point across.

I decided to setup a Twitter account specifically for and The other account I have is for personal use and I didn't want to bog it down with tweets about what I am conjuring, sales, new products, witchy ideas, available reading times, magickal tid-bits, etc.

So if you are on Twitter feel free to follow the conjurations at The Moonlit Sea!

Also don't forget about the Facebook group!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Herb Jar, New Pocket Goddesses...

I have been spending at least one day each weekend crafting. I am trying to build up my stock for summer fairs and festivals.

Many of the materials I use are recycled/reclaimed. I have a bunch of these glass jars sitting around and have decided to create them into something wonderfully witchy!

The first in the new line of Herb Jars (have to think of catcher name because you can store anything in these and they all won't say 'herbs').

Inside the lid of the Herb Jar.

Pocket Goddesses I also crafted today!

Don't forget to join me over at Facebook and/or Twitter.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ShellSpell & SeedSpell Candles - New @

The Moonlit ShellSpell & SeedSpell Candles

Another unique design by! You won't find these spell candles anywhere else.

7 Day Novena style glass-encased candles in the appropriate color for the work. Oseaana will personally dress, bless and fix your candle before it is shipped to you.

ShellSpell candles are created with unique "alien" shell images.

SeedSpell candles are created using artwork from the Pre-Raphaelite period. Why SeedSpell? It is a take on The Germ publication created by the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

The title "The Germ" refers to the Pre-Raphaelite belief in the importance of nature (a germ is a seed) and of the human imagination, as implied by the phrase "the germ of an idea". - Wikipedia

$15 each - dressed and blessed!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Newsletter

In addition to this blog, I am now offering a newsletter to be published monthly on or around the Full Moon.

Use this link to signup!

The newsletter with contain magickal hints and tips, updates on products, special sales and discounts only for newsletter subscribers, and more!

I hope everyone sign-ups.

Also, is now on Facebook. Please free to join over there as well.

Many Blessings


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