Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Winter News from The Moonlit Sea...

The winter season here in upstate New York has been mild. Just this past week we had our first real snowfall and it didn't amount to much. Still it was wonderful to see the earth and trees covered in winter. I had the pleasure of being able to go outside and be in the stillness of the snowfall. Looking up at the clear dark sky and seeing the stars...living away from the glare of city lights has been wonderful.

I decided to send out an issue of the newsletter with some information on wintertime magick and the uses of snow. Also, I included a few tidbits going into spring as Imbolc has just passed and the weather will once again be changing.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and prosperous holiday season! I know you all are wondering when the shop will be re-launched. The truth is I am in no hurry to re-launch it right now. I do have a lot in the cauldron brewing...in time I will be re-launching a brand new site with interesting and unique products.

In the meantime enjoy the season and this issue of the newsletter. Also feel free to drop me a note and let me know what types of items/products/services you are interested in seeing at TheMoonlitSea. net.

Read the newsletter here...

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