Saturday, September 20, 2008

Enchantments & Special Editions

New item just created at

Sometimes called mojo bags, wanga, fetishes, gris-gris, charm bags, spell sacks...these bags are used in various traditions and cultures to bring about change for the individual. Enchantments are crafted in sacred space using herbs, resin, roots, gems, minerals and other curios for the specific purpose.

Enchantments can be made for a specific purpose such as money, love, health, luck, protection, etc. Each Enchantment is unique and created using items such as fabric, beads, ribbon, feathers, charms, yarn and other fibers.

Visit the shop for more details and to get your Enchantment...

The Moonlit Sea Special Editions

Special Editions are items that are especially created for a holiday, season or with a special theme. They are one-of-a-kind (although most everything I make is OOAK) and only available though my Etsy shop. Please visit!

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