Friday, October 17, 2008

Midnight Seer - A Special Edition Enchantment

The first in the new line of Special Edition Enchantments...

The Midnight Seer Enchantment aids in divination, meditation, and deep inner work. As vast and infinite as the midnight sky the Seer Enchantment brings knowledge and insight.

Sometimes called mojo bags, wanga, fetishes, gris-gris, charm bags, spell sacks...these bags are used in various traditions and cultures to bring about change for the individual. Enchantments are crafted in sacred space using herbs, resin, roots, gems, minerals and other curios for the specific purpose.

Each Enchantment is unique and created using items such as fabric, beads, ribbon, feathers, charms, yarn and other fibers.

Visit The Moonlit Sea...

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mrsb said...

That is gorgeous!


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