Friday, January 21, 2011

Get Ready for Valentine's Day!!

It's been busy, busy around Pumpkin Cottage...but I did remember to conjure up something special for Valentine's Day.

I decided to take this opportunity to launch our first (and anticipated) spell kit! Attracting Love is the new spell kit to take up residence at Pumpkin Cottage. Read below for all the lovely details!

Attracting Love Spell Kit was created with you in mind! Many requests for love spell kits have culminated in this special kit that can be used to find your "true love" or to bring more self-love into your life.

There are three components to the Attracting Love Spell Kit. A small red candle beautifully dressed with herbs and flowers known to bring about amorous affection and peace and beauty.

The candle is properly dressed and blessed by Oseaana. A cute little felt heart amulet sewn by Oseaana by hand, prayed over and filled with fiberfill and herbs and flowers such as Roses and Passion Flower. The amulet can be displayed on your vanity, altar, carried with you or tucked under your pillow at night to bring about sweet dreams. The Attracting Love oil is perfect to dress the heart amulet and/or to wear as a light fragrance to bring more love into your life.

Instructions come with this spell kit and include suggestions on how to use the kit to find your "true love" or to bring more love and joy into your life!

Attracting Love Spell Kit includes:
  • 1 small dressed and blessed red glass encased candle
  • 1 felt heart amulet (approx 4" x 4")
  • 1 dram bottle of Attracting Love Oil
  • Instruction Sheet

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