Monday, October 31, 2011

Blessed Hallows!

This weekend was spent marveling at the sudden snow storm that hit the East Coast. Luckily we did not loose power, however family on the other side of the Hudson River are still without power.

I decided to take advantage of the weather (being since I can't do the much needed yard work and clean-up before the real winter kicks in) and the spirit-imposed downtime (tending to my personal spiritual practices) to make some candles and try out a few new candle-making techniques.

I have a few novena spell candles to make for clients and customers. I am now hand-pouring almost all of the spell candles I use. My goal is to have molds available for all the candles I use by the end of the year.

So here is the weekend candle-making in pics:

Melting wax as I chop and chip away at the ginormous block of wax.

Pouring a skull candle for a client's spell.

There are always money drawing and prosperity candles needed by clients and customers. Making the candles myself allows me to charge the candle with prayers while pouring. I also add the appropriate oils and plant and flower bits to the wax itself.

I try to contain the mess as much as possible. I love making candles!

Skull candle done. And also a most lovely La Santisima Muerte candle. Each is carefully scented with essential oils. The skull candle has some herbs and glitter added to it. La Santisima will get embellished a bit later. Both candles are appropriate for this time of year, dontcha think?

Like I said I am trying a few new well as some new candle wax materials and blends. Trial and error makes for the best outcome.

Back to the kitchen.

I will post final pics once they are ready.

Have a blessed days!

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