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With the change of seasons ~

July 4, 2006 Newsletter
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Free Email Readings...
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Free Email Readings...

Free Tarot readings by email!
From July 10th until July 25th I will be offering free email readings.
Just email your question to and I will email your reading within 72 hours.

To prepare for your reading, please have the following ready:
An open-mind
Your first name (and the first names of others involved if any)
Your birthdate (month/day/year and time/place if you know it)
Your question/concern

To get your free email reading, please put "July Free Reading" in the subject of your email. Only one free reading per person.


"With the change of seasons comes
The death of a former self;
My eyes have awakened along
With my spiritual resurgence."
~ Jonathan Kyle Vargason


Oseaana Inara December
There is power in words. Manifestation starts with thought then words then action. I have been thinking about who I am and who I have become. I have lived a life of ups and downs, goods and bads, joys and disappointments. I have journeyed down many paths and have had the good fortune of meeting some amazing people. I have learned a lot from my experiences...both the good and the bad.

In my recent herstory I have had a spiritual awakening of sorts. My eyes have been opened to situations that I had foolishly thought didn't exist in the circles I choose to participate. In my personal, spiritual, and career life I have always made decisions based on the experience...not necessarily on the outcome. I crave experience

Being fulfilled is still I searched high and low for a community of spiritual sisters. My spiritual life has felt full and empty at times. Last year I made the decision to look at my life and the situations I had put myself in and I asked is this where I want to be? Are these the people I want in my life? Is this a true connection with The Great Mother? Is there more? Was there something more? Does magick exist?


more in the next post!

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