Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dollar store altars!

Today I went to Dollar General to pick up some miscellaneous necessities. I know I am not the only one who goes into these dollar stores and comes out with things you didn't know you needed.

I found myself standing in the aisle with the artificial flowers...just staring at them...not knowing why. Finally after a few minutes of being dumbfounded I grabbed two bunches of fake flowers and went on my way.

When I got home I realized what the flowers were for. Santisima Muerte and Yemaya both wanted some beautification done to their altars. And since I am good little Spirit server...

Santisima Muerte (Holy Death) altar

Yemaya altar


Raven of the Green Mountains said...

I love dollar stores. We have a place called the "Christmas Tree Store" here in Vermont. That is like a dollar store, but their stuff is a bit more high quality, but not really that expensive. I tend to get a lot of neat kitchy things from there. The Christmas Tree Store has these cool laterns, that I have now 6 of them.

It is cool how the spirits called to you.

Her Speak said...

AH! Love it! I love looking for bits to add to altars and shrines--there is so much joy in finding JUST the right thing. Who would have thought that the right rusty bottle cap or plastic flower petal could make you do the "happy dance"??

Thank you for sharing!
Merry Full Moon~

Aisha said...

@ raven here we also have the Christmas tree store and man could i spend my whole paycheck in there they have everything and before you know it your "needing" things you never needed before and yeah Oseaana ill get home with stuff and realize it fits perfectly on the altar too.

Anonymous said...

The dollar store have alot of good items for your altar. I go there all the time seeing how I'm a witch on a budget. lol


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