Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yesterday Around Pumpkin Cottage...

The cooler weather brings me outside into the garden to start cleaning things up. Because I had surgery in the beginning of May that pretty much had me laid up until July I didn't get the garden going until late.

This year I only planted a few things, herbs and flowers mostly. The weather was weird this summer lots of rain at one time then no rain for weeks. The garden didn't blossom as it usually does but that's okay...there is always next year.

Yesterday I harvested some herbs. The purple basil took over this year so I have lots of it to dry and freeze.

I decided to use the flowers of the regular basil to make basil water. It's great for cleansing spaces and people. Let a bunch of fresh basil soak in a bowl of water for 3 days. I let it "bake" in the sun.

I got an early start to the day so I gathered my wire-wrapping supplies and started making hair accessories. Inspiration came from everywhere as I was watching videos (both on Youtube and Netflix) about cosmic energies and beings. I love that I can work and study at the same time!

I'll be listing these soon on Your hair is truly your crown and these Hair Adornments work in any hair type: locs, dreadlocks, braids, twists, hair falls, etc. If your hair is straight just make a braid or add to a section of hair!  They slip on and off easily and come in various designs and colors with beads, shells and wire embellishments.

Each of these little lovelies are handmade by me, no two are alike and are made to fit a "standard" size loc or twist (about the width of a #2 pencil) but are also adjustable for a looser or tighter fit. Prices vary depending on style and range from $7 - $15 each. If you are interested in any of these before I get them listed just email me.

What's on the agenda for today? I'm working on new classes for Mystical Journeys the online school for classes spirituality and magick! I'm giving my fingers a break from wire-wrapping ;^)

Have a blessed day!

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