Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Candles and more candles!

Last week I cranked out a bunch of candles for orders. I am finding that my love for getting messy and making fabulously scented and magickal candles is taking over my business these days. But that is okay, like I said I love it!

Since candle making in Pumpkin Cottage takes over the entire kitchen I plan around it. Most of the candles I sell are made at time of purchase. Some of the candles, especially the votives, I keep on hand (around 2-4) because I know they sell like hot-cakes. So when I get an order I take over the kitchen for at least 2 days and that means we will be eating what can be delivered or picked-up.

It's a messy process even for someone as anal about keeping things neat and tidy as me. I think the process feeds the side of me that wants to be more uninhabited and carefree about spotless kitchen counters. The cabinets by the stove already have a few wax drippings that I can not get off without stripping the paint, so they stay there...and I try not to look at them. LOL!

After a couple of days of playing with wax the candles are done and ready for images to be fixed on them and then prayers and blessings. As you can see herbs, oils and sparkly things are part of the pouring process. Each ingredient has an intention even for the non-magickal candles. I guess really all of them are magickal in one way or another.

Santa Muerte has been getting a lot of love lately. The $10 sale on her candles is still going on. These are wonderful candles for offerings on altars. I adore making unique candles for her.

In the photo above you will see a few candles I made last week. The Santa Muerte ones of course, and a couple from the Vamp Series of the Rustic Glam Candles, as well as a test candle for Abundance featuring the exclusive Alien Shell design I created for abundance (seen on the left behind the blue Santa Muerte candle). I love the way it came out and will be adding this and others to the website soon.

The votives seen here are going into my stash to use for various things...from power's-off-again-light-a-candle to spellwork for clients. These votives were made with leftover wax that I didn't want to waste.

The 3 candles on the right that do not have wicks are really not candles. These are what I call Spell Bombs, wax embedded with herbs and things and an extra bit of power to help them ignite. They are to be thrown into a fire to release specific energy. They aren't for sale...yet. I have to perfect the recipe as they can explode in a rather big way depending on the intention and purpose. I may only sell them to practitioners I know who are able to contain energy well...or I may just make them for my client and personal work.

As the holiday season approaches I will be making candles more often, probably weekly as I need to stock up for selling at holiday festivals and fairs.

Until next time!

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